Woman Drinking Glass of Water· The world record for longest bout of hiccups is held by Charles Osborne from Iowa. He had the hiccups from 1922-1990. That’s 68 straight years of hiccups.  Oddly, they randomly stopped about a year before he died.

· The Old English word for hiccup “ælfsogoða” derives from the fact that it was thought hiccups were caused by elves.

· In 2007 a Florida girl (Jennifer Mee) had a bout of uncontrollable hiccups at a rate of about 50 times per minute that lasted for approximately 5 weeks before stopping on their own. Later on she suffered periodic bouts, and exhaustively sought an explanation from Doctors, without success. It was her lawyer, in 2010, who claimed that they are a symptom of her other known medical condition, Tourette’s syndrome. Why her lawyer do you ask? Because in October of 2010, Mee and accomplices Laron Raiford and Lamont Newton were arrested and charged with the 1st degree murder of 22 year old Shannon Griffin. The three allegedly lured Griffin to a vacant house where they robbed him and shot him several times. Mee’s lawyer claims her Tourette’s may have played a role in the robbery. As evidence of her diagnosis, he points to her frequent hiccuping episodes.

· Another dramatic case of the hiccups occurred in 2006 with a man named Christopher Sands who lived in Lincolnshire, England.  Sands’ hiccups lasted around 3 years and robbed him of his career as a musician and vocalist.  His hiccups were so bad at times that he would be unable to breathe properly and would occasionally pass out from it. He also had significant difficulty in sleeping.  Sands eventually received media attention in 2009 and doctors in the United States investigated and found he had a tumor in his brain stem that was causing the hiccups.  After removing it, the hiccups went away.

· It takes the glottis approximately 35 milliseconds to close while hiccupping. The average number of hiccups in a single bout is 63.

· The first fetal hiccups were discovered in 1899. The original theory was that they prepared the babies diaphragm for breathing.


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