By Kinga Aitken Baboczi MD MPH

In all honesty, we all have personality traits that we are not necessarily proud of, that we try to hide and definitely not display in public. These qualities are also the ones we don`t appreciate and judge in others. These personality traits are called our SHADOW. According to Carl Jung “the shadow is the person that we’d rather not be.” When good people make bad decisions, the shadow is the one to blame.

Instead of fighting against your shadow, you should accept those qualities as yours, embrace them proudly and use them to your benefit. It`s ok to allow your shadow to guide your decision making process from time to time. Allow yourself the luxury of saying “no” or of being sad sometimes, that might be the right thing to do in that particular moment. Being always perfect can be very tiring and when you get tired of being a good example and meeting everyone`s expectations you will go on a rampage. By making peace with your dark side, you can channel the energy used to constantly hide those qualities on more positive outcomes, be more balanced, true to yourself and others as well as avoid explosions of negativeness. You will also become less judgmental and accept people for who they are, with good and bad qualities.

Discover your shadow:

Take a piece of paper,

On the right hand side write down your best qualities, the qualities you absolutely love about yourself and are proud of,

Now write down the opposites of those qualities on the left hand side,

There, those represent your shadow.

Because you don`t like those qualities, you suppress them and publicly express the exact opposite. If you think about it, your shadow made you model your personality and incorporate all those great qualities into it in the first place.



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