How to Look Awake and Refreshed Every Morning

How to Look Awake and Refreshed Every Morning

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We all know the great looking skin mantra: drink plenty of water, stay away from sugar, salt and alcohol and get plenty of rest. But we also know that these things aren’t always possible. Late nights and early mornings are inevitable, so for times when sleep isn’t an option, use these expert tips to help you look awake and refreshed. You’ll have everyone fooled into thinking you got your required eight hours.

Woman Drinking Water from a GlassBefore Bed: Celebrities and their entourages tend to work 20-hour days several days in a row yet mange to look fantastic. Do what they do. Elevate your head during sleep, drink tons of water, and minimize sugar and salt intake. — Makeup artist Taylor Babaian

If you wake up with dehydrated skin, then you’re not doing the right nighttime routine. Before bed, make sure you cleanse, tone, and use a serum for any skin issues and a moisturizer for your skin type — Marion Simms, founder of SkinSense Wellness Center

Don’t pile on too much cream before bed; it’ll just increase puffiness. Instead, use a lighter gel with peptides or botanicals—Simms




When You First Wake Up: Apply eye drops to help with any redness, for extra white eyes and a slight “wake up” effect. — Makeup artist Kristie Streicher

Pop your eye cream or an eye mask in the refrigerator for five minutes to make it cool. Not too cold though, that may pop blood vessels. Leave it on for 20 minutes. You can also use cold tea bags. Black or chamomile teas are best for their anti-inflammatory properties. To do it: Make tea. Drain excess, pop in fridge and once cool, place on lids. — Babaian

When you put your eye cream on, do a light massage on the eye area to increase circulation. — Simms

After using your eye mask, take a shower and let the warm water sprinkle on your eyes to boost circulation. — Simms

Exercise if you have time to get your circulation going. Hang upside down or do some downward dogs, it’ll help reverse the blood flow and help with dark circles. – Simms

MP900337379Makeup Tips: Chances are if you’re tired and/or stressed out your skin will show it by breaking out or becoming severely dehydrated. The key is to not overdo makeup in either instance. Keep it looking radiant with a tinted moisturizer that has a nice healthy sheen to it. If you’re oily try a mineral powder foundation. — Streicher

Use a concealer that is slightly light reflective. The reflective qualities will add light and luminescence to the area. — Stiles

Bronze your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. — Streicher

Cream blushes are great way to make skin look healthy and glowy. Apply on apples of cheeks and a tiny bit on your temples. — Babaian

Pop a little luminizer on your eyelids, at the lash line, just above your iris. It will add a bit of twinkle to your eye. Or use a very sheer wash of a light shimmery color, but just the lightest wash, the trick is to add light, not have it look frosty. — Stiles

Apply light beige eyeliner along the inside of your lower lash line, which tends to turn pink or red when you are tired. — Babaian

Use eyeliner along your top lash line, curl your lashes and wear mascara on top lashes only to draw the eyes up and away from puffiness. – Babaian

Stay away from pink and purple eye shadows that can highlight red eyes or muddy colors like dark brown or gray that can make you look dull. – Babaian

And finally, a sheer berry lip color goes a long way to help you look pulled together and polished, even when you are feeling disheveled and dull. The colors are light and fresh. – Stiles


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